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Cumond India is a official sales & service partner of Cumond Machinery Co. Ltd in India. Cumond is a popular and trustworthy brand in the world and the leader in steam car cleaner & equipments. Cumond Machinery products are now available in India by Cumond India. We are happy to announce that Cumond India is dedicated to support Indian customers 24x7.

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Cumond India brings to you a world class steam machines and high pressure cleaners in affordable price.

  • Cumond India

    Steam Car Cleaner

    Battery + LPG 10-20 Bar Steam Pressure Details
  • Cumond India

    Diesel Steam Cleaner

    Diesel heated 10-20 Bar Steam Pressure Details
  • Cumond India

    Electric Steam Cleaner

    Electric powered upto 35 Bar Steam Pressure Details
  • Cumond India

    High Pressures

    LPG or Diesel powered high pressure washers. Details

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